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Calgary Entertainment Lawyer: Leverage our legal experience

Whether you're working in film, television, theatre, music, or sports entertainment, we can help you navigate legal matters and protect your interests to focus on the project at hand. Our clients serve the entertainment industry in various ways, and we take great pride in preserving not only their intellectual property but the circumstances unique to their line of work. From tax status to contract mediation to talent agreements, your career depends on taking care of all the necessary details to work more and work longer.

Our Entertainment Law Services

Following are some of the most common services we provide in the following areas:

Music Lawyer (Serving Other Performers As Well)

  • Artist incorporations
  • Group/band partnership or joint-venture agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Agency representation agreements
  • Songwriter/singer agreements
  • Recording, publishing, and co-publishing agreements
  • Producer agreements
  • Performance agreements
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Copyright and trademark protection

TV & Film Production Lawyer (actors, directors, writers, composers, producers, cast, and crew)

  • Writer agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Option/purchase and licence agreements
  • Endorsements and sponsorship deals
  • Errors and omissions opinions
  • Talent, location, and interview releases
  • Music clearances and composer agreements
  • Copyright and trademark issues

Publishing & Literary

  • Author agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Libel vetting
  • Copyrights and trademarks

Sports (athletes, coaches, universities, marketing & apparel)

  • Contracts
  • Dispute representation
  • Conflict of interest
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property rights

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Unlike many other legal disciplines, artistic works and sports activities can require expertise in many areas of law, including contracts, intellectual property (trademarks, branding, copyrights), labour and employment, corporate, arbitration, litigation, and privacy issues.

Don't take chances with your agreements, intellectual property protection, licensing, or other entertainment issues. Contact us today.

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