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Alberta Probate Lawyer Fees

The fees charged by Alberta lawyers are one of three fees that are normally part of the probate process. The other fees are:

  1. Probate fees set out in the Court Fee Schedule in Surrogate Rules of Court.
  2. Executor fees, normally normally set from directives in the deceased's will or by consent of the beneficiaries of the estate.

Probate lawyer fees fall into two categories:

1.     Core Legal Services

The Law Society of Alberta has suggested fee guidelines for Alberta probate lawyer fees for core legal services. These suggested fees consist of a base fee and an estate value fee based on a percentage of the estate. Although the guidelines are not mandatory, they are often used by probate lawyers.

The suggested fees for core legal services are:

  • Estates up to $150,000: $2,250 plus ½% of the value of the estate; plus disbursements and reimbursements of any costs incurred
  • Estates over $150,000: $2,250 plus 1% of the value of the estate; plus disbursements and reimbursements of any costs incurred

2.     Non-Core Legal Services

If the executor requires the probate lawyer's assistance with more than the core legal services, the probate lawyer will charge additional fees, usually based on an hourly rate.

Your Alberta Probate Lawyer

Our approach is different—and often less expensive.

We feel we can provide you with better value by basing our fees on the complexity of your situation, rather than the value of the estate. In many cases our fees may be significantly lower than the suggested guidelines.

As experienced Alberta probate lawyers in Calgary, we help you navigate the challenges of probate. We can act as your probate lawyer no matter where you are in Alberta, and we can re-seal a grant of probate in Alberta if you're an executor living outside the province and the deceased owned property in Alberta.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We'll review your situation and provide you with a fee proposal. For your convenience, we also offer weekend appointments.


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