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Simple Wills: Our Definition

The prices on our Fee Schedule are for simple wills only. But what is a simple will? Even if you have few assets, your will is not necessarily straightforward. The following should help you understand our definition. 

Our general guidelines for a simple will:

1.     Your Estate

  • If you have a spouse/partner: Your entire estate is left to them.
  • If you have no spouse/partner: Your entire estate is left to your children in equal shares.
  • If you do not have a spouse/partner or children, your entire estate is left in equal shares to another individual or organization or a group of individuals or organizations.

2.     Other Factors

  • You are not in a blended marriage with possible disagreements over the treatment of children from previous marriages.
  • You have no dependents with disabilities and complex instructions for their care.
  • You have no complex instructions to control the distribution of your estate after you die and/or after your children die (i.e. differing percentages to beneficiaries).
  • You do not have a complex estate (business interests, trusts, non-Canadian property, etc.).
  • You have a few gifts and legacies (i.e., property or cash) to be transferred to a few specified beneficiaries.
  • You have few beneficiaries of the residue of your estate (i.e., after specific gifts have been transferred).
  • You do not have illegitimate children that you don't support.
  • You are not disinheriting a family member.

A Simple Solution for Simple Wills

Our goal is to let you know upfront exactly how much your will is going to cost. We can only do that if we find out about your situation before giving you a firm quote.

The easiest way to tell us about your situation is to complete our Online Wills Package. Once you have submitted your information, we'll be happy to give you a firm quote for preparing your will and for a personal directive and enduring power of attorney if they are also required.

We'll prepare and forward a first draft of the documents for your review when you decide to proceed. Upon your acceptance of the draft, we'll schedule an appointment for you to sign the papers.

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