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Parkland Summerfest 2023

For those who were there, a recap, and for those who weren't, too bad—maybe next year, as we proudly showcase thrilling moments of Parkland Summerfest, June 24th, 2023!


This year, we ventured back in time to the era of dinosaurs, a theme that filled the air with wonder and excitement. Children led the way with the Fun Run, Bike Parade, and the Kids Dino Dance Party, spreading joy throughout the festival.

We immersed ourselves in the artistry of Jan Sovak, the world-renowned paleoartist, whose illustrations transformed our festival into a prehistoric wonderland. The magic of dinosaurs came alive, not only in the Photobooth and our tent but also through thrilling dinosaur hunts for kids in the park.

As the sun graced the horizon, the Beer Garden welcomed adults for an unforgettable evening of music and camaraderie. From the mesmerizing tunes of Elle McAndrews to the legendary Chilliwack, and the soul-stirring performances by Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer, the night soared to unimaginable heights. And then, the grand finale belonged to the iconic 54.40, whose music brought the entire crowd to their feet.

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Thank you for being part of Summerfest! If you missed it this year hope to see you next year... Maybe. ;)

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